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Author Peter Green

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Designing man: an architect who writes?

Designing Man, an architect who writes
Author Peter Green

In 2004 I left my corporate role as architect, a designing man, who writes (promotions, reports and plans throughout my career), and began a second career as a writer of books. I soon learned I wasn’t done designing, and added scheming and plotting. I found my new journey to be a constant exploration of the man versus nature and his fellow man — a main theme in my works. In the current decade, with the  increased frequency of forest fires, floods and violent weather, this once distant murmur has become a loud drumbeat. Along the way, I’ve learned many things about the business, techniques and features of the rapidly changing industry of writing and publishing.

My purpose here is twofold: First, I’ll update you, in my Designing Man Blog, with industry news, my own evolving views, and reviews of the best books I’ve come across. In A Writer’s Journey, on my Writer Insider subdomain, I’ll continue to evolve a free online resource on  the writing craft, the changing world of publishing and the new world of promotion in the internet age. As an architect who writes,  I’ll keep you informed about local literary events and writing groups, and offer full information about my books and short stories, both biography and mystery, on my monthly Designing Man newsletter and Pete’s Bookshop, an online store, with its frequent bonus offerings, discounts and bargains.

Please join me in my own writer’s journey. To make sure you don’t miss a single post or issue of Designing Man News, or new installment of A Writer’s Journey, please sign up in the sidebar or on my about-contact page.

Welcome, and good words to you!

Good reviews, elves fill workshop shelves

Good reviews continue to arrive for Chicago’s Designs,  the latest two from authoritative sources, encouraging our elves to keep the benefits flowing from the Greenskills workshop. James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisc., wrote: A deftly scripted mystery with more unexpected twists and unanticipated turns than a Disney …