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The Night we Ruined the Dog

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A Short Story by Peter H. Green

Illustrated by the author

Most families merely tolerate turmoil. Our family thrives on it. Never was this clearer to me than one evening a few years back when things got a bit out of hand. Annie, my wife, often calls it the night we ruined the dog. READ MORE…

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In the home office of architect Peter Green sit six ring-bound volumes with the wartime letters of his father, Marine Pfc. Benjamin Green. And in a letter written from Guam on Aug. 14, 1945, the elder Green tells his family that he scooped the world on getting out the big news of Japan’s surrender.” Harry Levins, St. Louis Post Dispatch (on August 14, 2005 , the 60th anniversary of the surrender)

Ben’s War with the U. S. Marines is biographical account of the humorous and serious World War II misadventures of Pfc. Ben Green–a low ranking but quick-witted individualist who battled the system in order to serve his country with honor and to stay alive so he could return home to his family. This book is richly illustrated with Ben Green’s sketches, and historical wartime photographs, sent home in his letters to describe his life to his children.


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This is a wonderful gift book. Alice Green’s writing is fresh and at times laugh-aloud funny, parts of it reminiscent of Cheaper by the Dozen. Thornton Wilder instructed Alice in creative writing. I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy a good laugh. “–Paula, Amazon Reviewer

Alice Green’s lost and recently found eyewitness accounts of her childhood, her own war, the Golden Years of Radio and the postwar housing shortage are told from the light-hearted viewpoint of a shy, youngest child, who learns she can make even the stormy and outrageous characters in her own family laugh. With a little help from her son, who (just barely) lived to finish it, her story stands for unsung American women in war and survives as Alice’s triumph.

Architectural Mystery: The Patrick MacKenna Series

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“This intriguing glimpse into Patrick’s early years brings together fast-moving action, architecture and romance in a satisfying prequel to the Patrick MacKenna mystery/thriller series.” –T.W.  Fendley, Author of the Zero Time Chronicles

“Rich, exciting, fun and a real page turner, this is the best mystery of architecture and Chicago since The Devil in the White City.” –Robert O. Little, Former President, Ittner Architects

Patrick MacKenna wins a coveted design job for a new client—a mob boss who’s also his girlfriend’s father, while police think a murder case he has stumbled upon is a mob hit. Meanwhile he falls helplessly for Kitty, a talented waitress his father has brought over from Ireland to work in the family’s Irish pub. Can he let down his client’s daughter, help the law solve the case and survive to finish his project—a young architect’s dream?

“A high school canoe trip, earthquakes and seamy underworld characters blend to form a psychological thriller worthy of James Patterson or Patricia Cornwell. Now, will he lose the rest of his family to drug dealers and human traffickers?  Green provides a cast of believable characters who cover the spectrum from good to bad to worse. With Green’s prompting, the characters create a book you can’t put down until you reach the last page.      –Wesley Slade, Computer expert and crime fiction fan

When Erin MacKenna’s high school canoe trip is disrupted by an earthquake her group is separated from the main party she and a younger teen stumble on two men burying a murder victim in the woods and are kidnapped and held prisoner by known sexual predators, drug dealers and human traffickers, Patrick must drop everything and neglect his earthquake-stricken clients to rescue her.


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PRAISE FOR CRIMES OF DESIGN, Politics, murder, and the river. Green knows St. Louis, all right. Crimes of Design is a tightly plotted and told urban mystery featuring plenty of action and twists and turns. Who knew living in St. Louis was such an adventure?
–John Lutz, Edgar- and Shamus-Award-winning Author of Serial

When architect Patrick MacKenna discovers the body of his staunchest advocate on the site of his controversial new town project, within hours he’s a murder suspect. As attacks against the infrastructure increase, he must find out who is undermining his city. He has only days to uncover a saboteur  before he loses his career, his family and his very life.

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